Deciduous Forest

My Delicious Deciduous Forest And Its Climates

The Trees that are located in the Deciduous forest Biome.
Did you know that the deciduous forest are in Köppen's C climate calegory. This biome has 4 sessons(Spring,Summur,Autumm,And Winter). Most Deciduous forest have a average of 70F in the summer. Summer begins in early june and ends in late August, but winters don't start untill December. The avaerage temputure for winter is fairly cool and is a little below Freezing. Most of the deciduous forests are located near oceans.The near oceans and the wind play a big role in the way the climte changes.The mixture of temputure and precipitation is what makes the climate of deciduous forest. The Average rainfall for the deciduous forest climate is 76 cm to 152 cm a year.